Liverpool  Abby Skinny Jeans | Eco Collection

Liverpool Abby Skinny Jeans | Eco Collection

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LM2000E25 Flourish Blue

Liverpool's signature Abby Skinny jean is super comfortable with amazing stretch.
This eco jean was designed using new laser techniques and processes that give the "Liverpool Look" and uses a fraction of our natural resources.
DETAILS: 30'' Inseam, Mid rise, Single Logo button closure, 5-Pocket styling details, Belt loops

Composition: 60% BCI Cotton, 29% Repreve Polyester, 3% Rayon, 1% Spandex

WHAT YOU'RE DOING FOR MOTHER EARTH by buying these jeans: Significant reduction in water, energy, hazardous chemicals, and worker impact: 
  • Recycled Water: 70% | Water Impact: 4.05 Liters/ Garment
  • Renewal Energy Used: 72% | Energy Impact: 0.50 Kilowatts/ Garment
  • Chemical Impact: 32.50
  • Worker Impact: 32.00
  • EIM Score: 29

This certified denim is Aniline free and recyclable 
All tags are made from recyclable materials
Harmful pumice stone free
Buttons and hardware are chemical-free